Why we exist

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.

-Frances Wright

Studies estimate that roughly 12% of the world’s poorest population does not have access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). About 45% of the world has access to ICTs but is not online due to affordability or a lack of skills and awareness. 20% of this group lives in the world’s most vulnerable countries.

We want to bring these numbers down. Addressing the main obstacles preventing people from having access to and using ICTs is our main focus.

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The Team

Pollien van Keulen

Pollien van Keulen

Pollien has a background in both commercial business as well as volunteer organisations and fundraising. Finding both very interesting, her true passion has always been the latter. The fulfillment of working on setting up a small foundation devoted to fundraising for educational projects for children, eventually resulted in her leaving her job in business development to join the 48percent bandwagon as project leader for setting up the foundation.

Mark Vletter

Mark Vletter

While doing volunteer work in Haiti in 2003, Mark witnessed what  a lack of access to Information and Communication Technologies does to a country and it’s people. It was there that he was first inspired to devote his work to enhancing access to free communication. Now that the basic conditions are met, it is time to leverage what was built over the years and start the biggest endeavour yet to promote equality internationally with 48percent.org.

Our partners

By working with partners we want to support and create innovative approaches at overcoming the obstacles standing in the way of the access to and usage of ICTs and ultimately free communication.

We partner either through funding their efforts, combining skills to develop sustainable solutions, or joining in advocacy.

Both Voys and Devhouse Spindle are founding partners of 48percent.org. With 1% of their combined revenues and 5% of employee hours, they support the mission of 48percent.org.

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