About us

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it

About 48percent.org

48percent.org is the brainchild of Devhouse Spindle and Voys. Both of these organizations were founded on the values of privacy, equality, and openness. The story for these organizations, and eventually 48percent.org, started in 2003.

The founder of Spindle and Voys went to Haiti to do volunteer work. While there, he witnessed what a lack of access to communication does to a country and its people.

It was there that he was first inspired to devote his work to enhancing access to unrestricted communication. During an internship at TNO, he started building the basic essentials necessary for making this vision a reality. Within a couple of years, this resulted in the foundation of Voys and after that Devhouse Spindle was founded.

Both organisations are now successful in their own fields and both are driven by the purpose of promoting equality by providing everybody with access to unrestricted communication. Now it is time to leverage what was built over the years and start the biggest endeavour yet: to promote equality internationally with 48percent.org.

48percent.org has an ANBI status. You can find the policy plan here.

Our board
The competent authority is formed by the board consisting of a chairman, secretary as well as treasurer:

  • Mark Vletter (chairman)
  • Ben Hoetmer (secretary)
  • Pollien van Keulen (Treasurer)