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Meet the people working on our mission

48percent.org is the brainchild of Devhouse Spindle and Voys. Both of these organizations were founded on the values of privacy, equality, and openness. The story for these organizations, and eventually 48percent.org, started in 2003. Our 48percent.org team is comprised of colleagues from both organizations that use their experience and talents from different fields to further the 48percent.org purpose.

Pollien van Keulen

Foundation Coordinator

Pollien is the spearhead of the foundation. She contributes her non-profit knowledge and genuine belief in our mission to make sure that the foundation moves forward both in the strategic and administrative sense. When she isn't busy with 48percent or coordinating the education and sponsorship efforts of Devhouse Spindle and Voys, she loves reading, crafting, and working on her tiny house.

Arnoud Oosten

Community Coordinator

Arnoud contributes his positivity and networking skills to make the 48percent.org partner community grow. When he isn’t busy helping us or growing the reseller network from Voys, he is connecting with his friends and trying to stay in shape.

Ashley Gottula

Communications Coordinator

Ashley contributes her communication knowledge and love of the written word to establish our communication and marketing strategy. When she isn't busy contributing to the English-language communication for 48percent, Devhouse Spindle, and our other brands, she likes spending time with her family and their pets.

Jos van Bakel

Technical expert

Jos contributes his technical skills and knowledge to our more technical projects. When he isn't busy as an infrastructure developer at Spindle, he is fiddling with LEDs and electronics, cooking, or doing survival training.

Jukka Koivunen

Program Coordinator

Jukka contributes his knowledge of work processes and enthusiasm for research to 48percent.org as the program coordinator for the connectivity program line. When he isn't busy working on test automation or further developing the way of working for Spindle, he spends his time playing all types of games, watching football, and hiking.

Rene Santing

Technical expert

Rene contributes his knowledge of computer networking and passion for experimenting to the foundation. When he isn't busy as an infrastructure developer at Spindle, he is reading, traveling, and gaming.

Yvanka Hullegie - Vletter

Legal and education expert

Yvanka contributes her legal knowledge, non-profit experience, and her enthusiasm for education to 48percent.org. When she isn’t busy helping us or running the legal department of Voys and Devhouse Spindle, she is spending time with her family and writing wonderful stories about them.

Our projects

Collaboration is at the center of what we do. We collaborate with our partners and aim to support and amplify their efforts. Collaboration comes in a variety of ways and we are always looking for new ways to contribute to overcoming obstacles within the communication ecosystem.

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