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Creating community networks with the LibreRouter

The Librerouter provides community networks in Argentina. Through training programs organized by Altermundi, the local community can install these themselves.

Upgrading Kafanchan public library to an E-library

Digitizing the Kafanchan public library ensures more people accessing necessary tools for education and increases digital literacy.

Connecting under-served communities in Gaza

Hello Hubs are innovative, free access internet providers that enable people living in hard-to-reach areas access to connectivity.

Connecting Indigenous Communities in Latin America

Working towards local capacity building is important to create and sustain local community networks. This ensures that all communities are digitally included.

How can innovative ideas help close the digital divide?

Audiopedia is on a mission to close the digital divide by providing equitable access to information through their online audio-platform.

The importance of equitable development of digital literacy

Being digitally literate is essential for inclusion in today’s society. It expands opportunities and can be life saving. How can we contribute to equitable digital literacy development worldwide?

Connecting impoverished students in Yogyakarta

Providing digital learning materials and access to the internet for students is important for future opportunities. However, it requires digital knowledge to navigate it safely.

Improving connectivity for humanitarian staff in refugee and displaced settings

Reliable connectivity is essential for humanitarian staff to do their work in displaced settings. With Greatwaves we look for a solution.

Giving women access to the internet through ASPi-devices

Women accessing internet through ASPi-devices allows them to build female communities in which they can share knowledge and learn together.

Stories from the connected: A journey to entrepreneurship

We share how internet access allowed Lihle to explore sustainable gardening, entrepreneurship, and share her knowledge on healthy diets and recipes.

Building a community of community networks in Argentina

Building connectivity infrastructures is usually easier said than done, especially when you mix in government regulations and a large, rural

Designing and Deploying Computer Networks in Kenya

Recently young people from Kenya participated in an Internet Society training course which gave them tools and knowledge about connectivity.

Empowering people to build and maintain the internet

An important part of internet accessibility is having the skills to use and maintain the internet. Our partner the Internet

Using learn kernels to teach valuable skills to coffee farmers in Uganda

Getting the right information and skills to people is one reason that having affordable and accessible connectivity is so important.

How residential WiFi hotspots strengthen the Mpophomeni community network

Over the past year, Isizwe has been hard at work implementing the community network in Mpophomeni and monitoring the progress

Using high frequency digital radio systems to connect Amazonian communities

Bringing connectivity to people all over the world requires understanding the environment, the resources, and the people who need the

2021 – A review of our progress

Another year has come and gone. With the end of the year comes a moment to examine the efforts we

A step toward digital equality in Europe

How does the draft declaration of digital rights and principles set forth by the European Commission fit with the mission of 48percent? We explain here!

Connecting the Unconnected in Mumbai

theunconnected.org has a mission to connect 100 million people to the internet by 2025. This mission combines well with our

Ending Internet Isolation in Northern Uganda with BOSCO

In 2020, we worked with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to identify 5 organizations working on projects that strengthen

Working to bridge the Digital Divide with Servelots

In 2020, we worked with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to identify 5 organizations working on projects that strengthen

Overcoming Disability with Connectivity: Joining Forces with Nigeria’s Fantsuam Foundation

Working toward its goal of eliminating disadvantage, Fantsuam turned its attention to some of the most disadvantaged members of society.

Bringing a sustainable internet network to the Mpophomeni community

Equitable access to connectivity for everyone means that each community should have a connectivity solution that fits their specific needs

Creating Community Connectivity and Independence with AlterMundi

In 2020, we worked with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to identify 5 organizations working on projects that strengthen