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Our strategic partnership with Response Innovation Lab

Together with Response Innovation Lab (RIL), we are announcing a strategic partnership to scale further and support innovations around access

Strengthening connections with the Tayolchikawalis Initiative

In 2020, we worked with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to find 5 organizations working on projects that strengthen

Our progress in 2020

For 48percent.org, 2020 was a year of growth and exploration. It was our first full year as a foundation. Because

Connectivity at Kopila Valley School in Nepal

We started a partnership with BlinkNow after meeting co-founder Maggie Doyne in early 2020 to provide an internet connection at

Supporting accessibility through APC grants

We are pleased to announce that through a partnership with APC, 48percent.org is supporting five grassroots organizations around the world

48percent.org: From idea to reality

‘This foundation is the ultimate fulfillment of our purpose’…..imagine hearing that on your first day at a new job. Facilitating

Projects 2020 – a look at our partnerships

Over the last months we have been busy supporting projects as well as working on creating new projects with partner

From commercial to non-profit networking

As part of the Voys sales team, I spend a lot of my working time networking and communicating with other businesses and organizations.

From Instagram inspiration to collaborating foundations

One Wednesday earlier this year I got a message from Pollien. Pollien is my colleague and also spearheads 48percent.org. Pollien:

World Connectivity in numbers

When discussing something as large-scale as global connectivity, using data helps to gain perspective on words like “global” and “most”.

Connecting the world through free communication

In 2003 I worked in Haiti for roughly six months. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world.