For this project, we partnered with BlinkNow to make a financial contribution. This enabled them to provide Wi-Fi for their Kopila Valley School’s New Green School Campus. The school serves 423 students, and has 64 teachers and staff. Having wi-fi at school means that a lot of new resources and opportunities are available to both the students and teachers, such as:

  • new information for the children to learn
  • the library to process book checkouts
  • administrators to work and teachers to plan lessons
  • the special needs program to have apps and unique tools for students who need additional support
  • an opportunity to provide tech classes
  • the abilities for older students in the Future’s Program to research and apply to colleagues and universities

and much more!

The grant also enabled them to provide laptops for their 5 administrative staff. Students do not have Wi-Fi services at home, thus, school is their only place to access the internet, do research and enhance their computer literacy skills.