Facilitating access to education for Children together with War Child

Partnering with War Child is partnering with War Child by supporting their Can’t Wait to Learn program. This program provides quality education to children living in (former) conflict areas. The program offers children the opportunity to learn to read and count through playing educational games played on tablet devices.

Access to communication can very easily become a technical conversation and be perceived as either the availability or the lack of connectivity options. That is certainly part of the problem, however other obstacles are also in play. Simply getting the connectivity in areas where there formerly was none is not the end of the story. Research shows that education has a huge impact on enhancing the knowledge and skills necessary for internet usage. Promoting and supporting programs and initiatives that enable a secondary school level education is therefore an important pillar of our strategy.

Can’t Wait to Learn

The Can’t Wait to Learn program offers children in (former) conflict areas the opportunity to receive an education. Children who would otherwise have a very hard time accessing that education, due to their circumstances. Having an education significantly increases their opportunities in life and as such contributes to a more equal world, our ultimate goal. The fact that the program runs on tablets brings the added benefit that it familiarizes children with Information and Communication Technology and increases their digital literacy as well.

As a young foundation we are still learning and finding out as we go, so partnering with an established organization like War Child is very valuable. They can teach us so much about how to be an effective non-profit organization and increase our impact. So the partnership is actually a win-win situation.

Increase the reach

‘The generous donation from will contribute to War Child Holland’s activities to increase the reach of its Can’t Wait to Learn program. We will do this by focusing on expanding the number of android and tablet types that can support Can’t Wait to Learn. This will help more and more partners to access Can’t Wait to Learn. The first example is Bangladesh where organizations on the ground are integrating Can’t Wait to Learn into their own work. funding will also contribute to further development of new data collection and connectivity options, allowing facilitators and teachers to gain insight into how their students are performing and supporting the program to use timely data collection to support new developments. For example, teachers working in Uganda will be able to see in detail how individual South Sudanese refugees are progressing in maths and reading. Using data, the teachers will be able to tailor their support to specific students’ needs.’

Kate Radford Programme Director – Can’t Wait to Learn

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