Ways we contribute

Supporting and amplifying

There are already many organizations and projects working towards equitable connectivity all across the globe, and we aim to connect with and contribute to projects that fit with our mission. We work with those partners by combining skills and resources, through funding their efforts, or joining in advocacy.

Through partnering with these organizations, we want to support, amplify, and create innovative approaches for overcoming the obstacles within the communication ecosystem. All of these efforts lead to facilitating equitable access to meaningful connectivity. We do this is through offering grants and seed funding to grassroots organizations. We also offer technical experience and expertise as needed. Finally, we contribute to setting up pilot projects which test the different innovative approaches.

We especially focus on partnering with grassroots organizations because they are the people that have in-depth knowledge about the local conditions and the needs of the local beneficiaries. They are also the experts in how to ensure the building and maintaining of local capacity in a sustainable way. Local capacity is essential in enhancing and solidifying the long term effects of our projects.