What we do

Supporting and facilitating solutions within the connectivity ecosystem

Overcoming the obstacles

Equitable access to connectivity is an important step towards bridging the digital divides that are present globally. It’s an issue that affects all of humankind and there are already a lot of wonderful initiatives in place to contribute to solutions. Because of these solutions. the number of internet users is steadily rising.

We collaborate with our partners and aim to support and amplify their efforts. We believe that by researching, testing, building, measuring, failing, and learning together, we can further bridge the digital divides. We aim to support the sustainable solutions being developed all over the world and help facilitate equitable access to connectivity.

Our Projects



For this project, we partnered with BlinkNow to make a financial contribution. This enabled them to provide Wi-Fi for their Kopila Valley School's New Green School Campus.

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War Child

Facilitating access to education for Children together with War Child

48percent.org is partnering with War Child by supporting their Can’t Wait to Learn program. This program provides quality education to children living in (former) conflict areas. The program offers children the opportunity to learn to read and count through playing educational games played on tablet devices.

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Collaboration is at the center of what we do. We collaborate with our partners and aim to support and amplify their efforts. Collaboration comes in a variety of ways and we are always looking for new ways to contribute to overcoming obstacles within the communication ecosystem.

Ways we contribute